When buying tablecloths for your wedding keep in mind of all the wedding decorations and favors you'll consider using at your wedding, the one that is the most important is your wedding tablecloths. How you set your reception tables for guests can amake a very big impact on your guests. After all, your guests will spend a many hours sitting within inches of these table linens during your reception, so it's a great idea to make them look outstanding.

Once you know what tablecloth colors and sizes you want, you'll need to smake a final decision. The perfect tablecloths will enhance your room ambience and decor, don't overdo it. This is a very important point to keep in mind when picking both the color and the sizes of your wedding tablecloths. While those deep and vibrant colors may seem perfect at first for the kind weding recepion your planning, you may find they're a bit too dramatic to match successfully with the colors in your wedding theme.

Before you make that final purchase ask yourself, what makes a good tablecloth for a wedding? and I am 100% sure these are the colors and sizes I need for my reception, if you know the answer to the first one and you can say yes to the second question, then your all set to buy your wedding table linens.

* Look for discounts and coupons on wedding tablecloths at an online store.
* Spend wisely on your wedding decor and stay within budget.
* At an internet tablecloth you can get good quality at rock-bottom prices to help you save.
* Beware of online merchants who don't allow phone calls, or that do not have an address and phone number on their homepage.

Article by Teresa Martin, www.WeddingTableLinens.net
Teresa Martin has been in the wedding industry for many years. Teresa has helped hundreds of wedding planners and brides make the best choice in wedding table linens. Teresa lives and breathes wedding decorations and linens and is an avid interior designer. Click the link if you would like to know more about wedding table linens, or would like to check out our navy blue tablecloths which are available in 13 sizes.
When you are planning the biggest day of your life, your wedding, the best way forward is to first research all of the possible colors and fabrics available for wedding table linens, and decide what you like, then do your due diligence and make sure you get exactly the wedding table linens you want and within your budget, don't forget you could also use table linens with bright and exciting colors, colored table linens are usually the same price as standard white table linens. There are many different and dynamic table linen colors available and this is a good method to set the tone of your event room and show your creativity with color and style. The table linen sizes you will need will of entirely depend on the size of the tables that will be available at the reception.

Wedding reception venues or caterers often will provide standard table linens as part of their service, but many times these linens are not what bride's want for the big day and with good reason, re-rented linens although laundered have been used many times and it will be noticable to your guests, remember their eyes will be within inches of your table linens during the eintire reception, ask yourself! would YOU notice, I know I would.

If you choose not to use their re-rented linens, you might get a partial refund or discount, but another way to look at it is that you may want to use re-rented linens if that is all your budget will allow. The number one rule never to be broken is... STAY WITHIN YOU BUDGET... it's extremely easy to get carried away during all the drama of planning a wedding, planning a wedding is a BIG deal it's a lot of work and there will be unexpected costs so stay in budget.

Do you want you reception room tablecloths to reach the floor?, they can if that's what you want, it depends on the drop, meaning the amount of cloth that hangs over the edge of the table. Most people at weddings have their table linens touch the floor, but some prefer a drop that is half way from the table edge to the floor. It is much more desirable for them to be too long than too short. Fine a good table linen sizes guide online double check those sizes.

In regards to table linen colors, spread over the entire year the most popular wedding colors are white, black, ivory, burgundy, and chocolate, with many other colors becoming more popular during the spring and summer months. Consult with your wedding planner or reception reception venue and choose table linen colors that work well in the room where you will be hosting the event. Make it a fun project and consider creative ideas such as matching your bridesmaid's outfits with elements of the room decor, and don't forget to double check your room size calculations with a room sizes calculator.

Be sure to consider the indoor lighting change if you wedding begins during daylight hours, many weddings begin when it's daylight and as the day continues indoor lighting is switched on and this can change the color tone of the room, sometimes it is very noticable and sometime not it depends on the colors your using and decor of the room, how different it will be depends on the type of lights in use so keep this in mind and where possible go to the reception room and see it for yourself, even take some of your linens with you and lay them out and see what the color tone looks like under artificial lights.

If your wedding venue will be providing your table linens, you can enhance those with a nice table runner, if no wedding linens will be provided by the venue then you will have to buy both a tablecloth and runner if you want to use both. It's important to get the "right balance". Some couples prefer the tablecloth and runner style while others prefer only one tablecloth, you don't want your table to look too busy either. Both ways are ok it's just a matter of budget and style.

In regards to seating your guests, standard wedding event tables are 60 inches (5ft) round and seat 8 guests. Larger 72 inches (6ft) round tables will seat 10 guests. Remember, each time you add a table you will add an additional table centerpiece andtable linenand runner. 80 people seated at 60 inch round tables can be either 8 tables of 10 guests or 10 tables of 8 guests. Sometimes the wedding reception room will have only one size of table available or a set of tables. The most important thing is to make your guests as comfortable as possible with the room you have available and be sure to not try to squeeze too many guests into the room size available.

The chairs at your reception venue may be suitable, however, if the chairs are unsuitable consider using chair covers. Wedding chair covers and sashes are available in a variety of colors and styles and may easily solve any problem with the chairs. Be certain the chair covers you want actually fit the chairs your using and do you need folding chair covers or banquet chair covers. Although many chair covers are standard size you should consider ordering a chair cover and the try it on the chairs so that you are 100% sure they will fit, also be sure to confirm in writing that the reception venue or caterer has agreed to put the chair covers and sashes on the chairs and take them off once the wedding is over. The only alternative to chair covers is to rent nicer chairs, keep in mind that the reception venue's existing chairs would have to be removed and stored and also put back, be sure to allow for this extra cost in your wedding budget if you decide to rent chairs.

When setting up and decorating the gift table... make it a BIG table... :) it should be decorated only slightly. If it's located in the reception room then it should blend with the other tables. If it's located outside the reception room then it should be covered in a tablecloth and no runner with minimum decorations, you can also make a statement immediately with the decor in the cocktail area by choosing table linens that are bright and an understated preview of your reception room, or you could decorate in color contrast to the reception room. Your head table should be decorated to a much finer degree than the other tables, and many couples choose to have chair sashes with their names stitched on as a keepsake of their wedding day, sometimes the bride and groom have chairs dressed with flowers and ribbons.

Wedding cake tables are usually a small round table from 30 inches (2 1/2ft) wide to 48 inches (4ft) across. Your cake table does not need to be decorated too much so as to detract from that expensive wedding cake. The cake table tablecloth can be a full drop but be careful as most cake tables need to be easily moveable and they almost always have wheels for this purpose and you dont want your wedding cake tablecloth to get caught under the wheels of the cake table.

Talk to your caterer about the catering buffet, it should be dressed with additional table linens. The buffet should be matched with the same or very similar style table linens as the guest tables. If you have re-rented table linens on the guest tables then the catering buffet should be dressed with linens that match with the room decor. The buffet is not only about the food on the menu, it's also a big part of the overall look of the reception room.

Tables for place cards are normally put in the reception room lobby, cocktail area, or entrance way and they are normally covered with a single floor length tablecloth that either matches the place cards or is something really special and different such as a beautiful flower arrangement, but be sure that it does not disturb the nlayout and setting of the place cards.

When it's all put together your reception room will produce a roar of applause that both bride and groom deserve to hear when they first welcome their wedding guests to share their joy on their big day.

Article by Teresa Martin, www.WeddingTableLinens.net
Teresa Martin has been in the wedding industry for many years. Teresa has helped hundreds of wedding planners and brides make the best choice in wedding table linens. Teresa lives and breathes wedding decorations and linens and is an avid interior designer.

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    Teresa Martin

    Teresa has been in the wedding industry for many years. Teresa has helped hundreds of wedding planners and brides make the best choice in wedding table linens. Teresa lives and breathes wedding decorations and linens and is an avid interior designer.


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